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Cancer Treatment Pathways

Bladder Cancer
Breast Cancer Endocrine Therapy
Breast Cancer Metastatic
Breast Cancer Neoadjuvant Adjuvant
Central Nervous System Cancer
Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Colorectal Cancer
Gastroesophageal Cancer
Head and Neck Cancer
Hodgkins Lymphoma
Kidney Cancer
Lung Cancer: Non-Small Cell
Lung Cancer: Small Cell
NHL: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma
NHL: Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma
NHL: Follicular Lymphoma and Marginal Zone Lymphoma
NHL: Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Ovarian Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Testicular Cancer
Uterine Cancer

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Cancer Treatment Pathways: reviewed by oncologists

Pathways are developed using a rigorous process of evidence-based medicine. Cancer Treatment Pathways are selected from therapies recommended by national guidelines on the basis of:

  • Clinical benefit (efficacy)
  • Side-effects (toxicity), especially those that lead to hospitalizations or impact quality of life
  • Strength of national guideline recommendations
  • Cost

Standards of oncologic care evolve rapidly and keeping pace with change is vital to the health of your patients. That's why it's important to know that the Cancer Treatment Pathways identified in our Program are updated through a systematic review of medical evidence, at least quarterly, and more often when new treatments emerge or national guidelines change. Through the rigor of this process, an up-to-date source of Cancer Treatment Pathways is maintained.

Putting your patients first
We recognize that every patient is unique. While efforts have been made to identify Pathways that offer the best treatment option for most patients, the treating oncologist may decide that another treatment regimen is best for an individual patient.

Whether a Cancer Treatment Pathway or an alternate regimen is chosen, the Cancer Care Quality Program supports benefit coverage for all regimens that meet the clinical review criteria of your patient's health plan.

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